Proven Results over Promises

Councilman Ed Driggs

Over the past eight years on Charlotte’s City Council, Councilman Ed Driggs has shown true dedication to his constituents and Party.

Ballantyne new New
Ballantyne before Old

District 7: Then and Now

It’s changed a lot.

District 7 has changed a lot since it’s massive development in the early 1990s and even more so in the past eight years that Councilman Ed Driggs has served on Charlotte City Council.

The history of the Ballantyne area of Charlotte started in 1991 when the Harris family sold their large hunting ground. The 2,000 acres were rezoned and a portion was sold to Crescent Resources who own the Ballantyne Hotel. The remaining acres were converted into the Ballantyne Corporate Park and later sold to be turned into neighborhood developments.

A Councilman that
Is Dedicated to You.

  • Negotiated with state legislators on terms for repeal of the LGBT ordinance that triggered the gender identity war in North Carolina.

  • Actively supported Chief Kerr Putney during the Keith Lamont Scott riots and repeatedly rebutted "social justice" criticisms of CMPD.

  • Launched Charlotte's successful bid to host the 2020 Republican National Convention.

  • Chaired the Committee's overseeing the departure of former City Manager Ron Carlee and the hiring of current City Manager, Marcus Jones.

  • Led the defeat of a hastily drafted environmental plan at the end of the 2015-2017 Council term, leading to an unanimous Council vote in 2018 in favor of a reasonable Strategic Energy Action Plan that monitors costs and focuses on practical steps to improve environmental quality.

  • As Vice-Chair of the Housing and Neighborhood Development Committee, Ed worked to ensure that Council's $50 million commitment to affordable housing was leveraged by federal and private dollars to yield the best return on Charlotte taxpayer investment.

  • Opposed a $17 million City tax giveaway to Honeywell that was not supported by the Charlotte's existing business incentive policy or any explanation of why this wss a good deal for taxpayers.

  • As Vice-Chair of the Council Budget Committee (since 2013), Ed successfully lobbied in the current 2020 budget process for a revenue-neutral tax-rate reset following the 2019 revaluation.

  • Negotiated $25 million in capital investment in District 7 that was not previously in the Capital Plan.

  • Hosted three Town Hall meetings specifically addressing the development and congestion issues in District 7 where an average of seven key members of City Staff gave presentations and heard from citizens.

  • Hosted a weekly coffee meeting where local government issues were discussed and after which District 7 residents would have a chance to meet Ed personally.

  • Attended all community meetings for District 7 rezoning where residents had concerns in order to hear from them and ensure their feedback is communicated to full Council before a decision.

  • Blocked [four] rezoning proposals in District 7 that placed unreasonable burdens on residents and negotiated reductions in density for others.